Elections Mean Time to Update Your City Information

On Tuesday, November 2, the League will begin emailing city clerks a PDF to review for changes to their city information. This is your chance to update the League’s database of contact information for existing officials and alert the League of changes in elected and appointed officials. This information is how the League is able to share critical information with its members in a timely fashion, one of the League’s most valued services. We ask that cities respond with the updated information as soon as it is available. We’ll mark incoming elected officials as council- or mayor-elect until January 1, while appointed officials will be implemented immediately unless another date is given.

Please note that email has become the most reliable way to keep city officials updated in today’s fast-paced world. Email is a public record for the city. It is a good idea to provide newly elected officials with a city email address that is unique to their position and keeps city-related emails separate from their personal email.​

Didn’t receive your email? Let us know at mailbox@iowaleague.org.

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