Values Statement

Iowa League of Cities Mission Statement

The Iowa League of Cities serves as the unified voice of cities, providing advocacy, training and guidance to strengthen Iowa’s communities.

IMWCA Mission Statement
IMWCA’s goal is to help members keep employees safe through education and risk management. We are a risk-sharing pool committed to partnering with cities, counties and local government entities to provide a high-quality workers’ compensation program.

Iowa League of Cities and IMWCA Values Statement
We recognize the need for strong leadership in our missions and in each of our values. These values represent the shared principles that guide all of our efforts and decisions.


  • ​We take the lead on issues important to our members and are committed to being the best at what we do.
  • We recognize the need to continually develop and improve, both individually and as a team.
  • We are productive and provide quality services.
  • We are good stewards of our funds and resources to ensure they are used as intended.


  • We are inclusive and accepting of diverse people and viewpoints.
  • We create and maintain trust by being honest and respectful with each other and our members.
  • We utilize the highest degree of professionalism, ethics and customer service.
  • We work safely and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.


  • We are proactive, seeking better ways to serve our members.
  • We are collaborative, working together and developing partnerships.
  •  We are resourceful in finding the most effective and efficient methods to meet our members’ needs.


  • We are not afraid to fail in the pursuit of innovations that fulfill our mission.
  • We are willing to share our opinions and make difficult decisions in the best interest of our organizations.
  • We will question actions that are inconsistent with our values.


  • We are servant-minded, putting the needs of our organizations and its members before our own.
  • We make time to help each other and build trusting relationships.
  • We use open communication to share ideas, concerns and solutions.

Fun and Passionate

  • We are passionate about the League, IMWCA, their respective missions and working together as a team.
  • We believe in having fun and enjoying our shared purpose.
  • We recognize and celebrate our achievements.