Small City 2019

Join us for the 2019 Small City Workshops! Registration is open for the series, which will feature six workshops around the state in June.

Housing has become a critical issue in many communities around Iowa and is experienced in a variety of ways. In our smaller cities, there is a common struggle of not finding any developers willing to build new homes. Many others also have aging housing stock and abandoned homes that could be ripe for redevelopment, but find it difficult on knowing how to get started. This year's workshops will feature a program on Rural Housing 360, which presents a collaborative approach to the housing issue.

Rural Housing 360
Rural Housing 360 was launched with the aim of boosting housing opportunities in rural Iowa communities. The collaborative program brings communities, developers, state and federal agencies, housing trusts and other interested parties together to improve local housing stock.

This session will be led by representatives from Housing 360, who will detail how the program works and how communities can get involved. Hear some of the early success stories from cities around the state that are actively addressing housing concerns and improving their community.

June 4 - Oakland
June 6 - Allison
June 11 - Laurens
June 13 - Shueyville
June 18 - Eldon
June 20 - Grand Junction