Small City 2018

The 2018 Small City Workshops were held at six locations around the state, providing guidance on successfully planning and completing important community infastructure projects.

June 5 – Britt
June 7 – Wayland
June 12 – Early
June 14 – Toledo
June 19 – Afton
June 21 – West Union

Strategically Investing in Your Community
This year’s topic will focus on planning and completing community development projects, including prioritizing infrastructure needs and how to properly budget for projects. It’s challenging to properly assess a city’s current infrastructure and understand what needs to be replaced – what is the condition of our streets? When do we need to upgrade our utility system? How can we afford these necessary projects?

Attendees will learn how to strategically plan for infrastructure projects, including developing capital improvement plans that fit a small city. The workshops will also feature successful examples of communities that have made smart investments to make needed improvements.