My Legislative Day 2020

My Legislative Day – 2020: In order to develop more direct relationships between cities and the legislators that represent them, this year we’re going to be doing things a little differently. 

All 942 cities across Iowa are unique. Each are confronted by unique challenges, employ local and tailored solutions to those challenges, and we want to provide a capitol experience that is as unique as your city. We’ll work with you to schedule a day where you can discuss your city's issues with your legislators and have an in-depth conversation about active legislation. We hope that this will help foster a closer relationship between your city and the legislators that represent you at the capitol. 
By filling out this form​​, you will be put in touch with a member of our legislative team who will work with your city to choose a date and schedule meetings with your legislators. League staff will help you prepare for your day at the capitol by discussing pertinent issues and connecting you with the resources you need to be an effective advocate for your community and cities across Iowa. Please communicate with colleagues within your community and schedule your legislative day as a city, rather than as individuals. 

In order to provide the most benefit to your community and fully utilize your time in Des Moines, there are some restraints on when we can schedule My Legislative Day for your city. Therefore, we ask that you reach out before the start of session on January 13. If you have any questions or would like more information before signing up, we’d be happy to chat. Please contact our Outreach Coordinator by calling (515) 330-9756, or by emailing​. ​