Legislative Commitment

As an integral part of the League's overall mission, the League promotes excellent government, effective public policy and Home Rule among members as well as state and federal law makers. The League’s advocacy work is led by the members of the Governmental Affairs team, but relies heavily on the grassroots support from the League membership. The League's advocacy success hinges on city officials maintaining good avenues of communication with state and federal leaders.

State Legislative Advocacy
The Governmental Affairs team serves as representatives of League members at the Iowa General Assembly. This entails serving as a presence for cities in the Capitol, meeting and working with state legislators and staff, attending and monitoring the activity of state legislative committees and coordinating city testimony and grassroots efforts. The League also publishes a weekly Legislative Link during each legislative session to communicate important city issues that the League lobbyists are following at the state capitol. It also includes research and analysis of legislative proposals and their potential impacts on Iowa cities. City officials are encouraged to use this information and research as a resource when contacting state officials on legislative issues. A Legislative Link archive is available in the password-protected Member Resources area under Publications.

Each year, the League hosts the Legislative Day event as a kick-off to the legislative session. Elected and appointed city officials from across the state convene in Des Moines to hear the latest information on city legislative issues and to network with state legislators.  It provides city officials a great opportunity to talk with their legislators about city issues, and to develop and maintain strong relationships.

State Regulatory Advocacy
In addition to legislative advocacy, the League also represents municipalities and their interests throughout the state regulatory process, with a special focus on environmental issues. Governmental Affairs team members attend meetings of the state's regulatory bodies and monitor rules under consideration. The Governmental Affairs team also works to determine the impact on municipalities and communicate that information to rulemaking bodies and department leaders.

Federal Legislative Advocacy
The League also engages in advocacy at the federal level, including monitoring of federal legislation with the potential to impact the cities of Iowa, lobbying of the state's congressional delegation, and working closely with the National League of Cities to coordinate federal advocacy efforts. ​​​​​​​​​​