League Webinar Series

The 2017 League Webinar Series features information and guidance on a wide range of issues important to city officials. New this year, the webinars are free to access and watch after posted to the League Web site.

Please visit continue to visit www.iowaleague.org for additional information about the webinars and to view them as they become available throughout the year.

City Clerk Duties and Responsibilities
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Speaker: Cindy Kendall, ISU Extension and Iowa League of Cities
The city clerk position performs a wide variety of important duties in the operation of municipal governments. For many communities, the position handles traditional duties such as completing council meeting minutes and public notices while also helping manage the city budget, accounting for city funds and filing various reports. Learn the roles and responsibilities of the city clerk position in this webinar.

The Impact of Drones
Release Date: April 11
Drone usage has increased dramatically in recent years in both recreational and commercial operators. Cities have also found benefits from drones, including using them for law enforcement, community and economic development, public safety, and parks and recreational purposes. This webinar will provide an overview of federal regulations impacting drones as well as tips for successfully using them for city purposes.

Municipal Elections Guidance
Release Date: May 23
Municipal elections will be held this November and cities play an important role in the process. Get an overview of the laws and rules that govern city elections, election systems and nomination processes, important dates to know and working with your county elections commissioner.

Grant Management and Funding Sources
Release Date: June 27
Grant funding can be the boost a city needs to complete a project or get a program off the ground. However, many cities struggle to find grant opportunities that fit with their funding needs and may not know the best way to complete a grant application. Hear tips for finding grants and best practices for completing successful grant applications.

Annual Financial Report Instructions
Release Date: August 22
All cities are required to complete and file the Annual Financial Report (AFR) by December 1. This webinar will walk attendees through the AFR and provide step-by-step instructions on filling it out. Each component of the AFR will be covered with practical guidance provided to help cities understand what is needed to be included in the report.

What the Future Holds for City Governments
Release Date: October 24
One of the more challenging aspects of running a city government is trying to figure out the factors that will affect the organization in the future. Sometimes it’s hard enough to keep up with daily services, but an effective city government needs to also see what is coming down the road. This webinar will discuss trends and factors that could shape the future of city government, including technology, data, community planning, labor force and more.