Iowa Mayors Association

The undersigned mayors are pleased to extend a cordial invitation to you to join our newly formed Iowa Mayors Association. We believe that such a group will provide mentoring for new mayors, provide an opportunity to network and discuss shared issues facing mayors around the state and be extremely valuable in providing legislative assistance to the Iowa League of Cities.

During our planning session, the mission we identified for the association is to develop and support creative and effective leaders by providing education, mentoring and mutual support to benefit the cities they serve and be a voice for collective action statewide. 

In achieving our mission we will -
  • Assist in the furtherance of the objectives of the Iowa League of Cities.
  • Provide opportunities for mayors to meet as a distinct group.
    • Secure a closer official and personal relationship among the mayors;
    • Discuss municipal problems affecting all persons holding the office of mayor;
    • Discuss those problems, responsibilities, and experiences unique to mayors as the elected heads of municipal governments;
    • ​Provide educational opportunities to assist mayors in performing their duties of elective office;
    • ​Secure unity of action in matters pertaining to the mayors and cities;
    • ​Secure effective lobbying efforts in coordination with the Iowa League of Cities. 
While this association continues to be developed, membership benefits will include an email list serve, annual mayors breakfast at the League’s Annual Conference; development of a mayors mentor program, periodic regional meetings, training specific to mayoral duties and shared legislative activities.

We are confident that you will find this affiliation valuable during your service as mayor. We hope you will join us in our efforts and enjoy our fellowship. To join the Iowa Mayors Association, please submit the fo​rm​. Membership dues are $30 annually.

Looking forward to working with you in the future - 
John Lundell, Mayor of Coralville (18,907)
Scott Cirksena, Mayor of Clive (15,447)
Paula Freeman-Brown, Mayor of Center Point (2,421)
Louise From, Mayor of University Heights (1,051)
John Haila, Mayor of Ames (58,965)
Quentin Hart, Mayor of Waterloo (68,406)
Donny Hobbs, Mayor of Lohrville (368)
Tom Phillips, Mayor of Norwalk (8,945)