Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

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How many attendees do you expect and who attends?
We expect 400-450 attendees made up of city clerks, city council, mayors, city managers and other appointed and elected officials from large, medium and small cities around the state. The League’s Annual Conference & Exhibit is the largest event in the state geared specifically toward the needs of Iowa’s elected and appointed municipal officials. Held in September of each year, the conference includes workshops, an exhibit hall and unique networking opportunities. This year we have 160 exhibit booths. Companies and organizations who offer services to cities are in attendance.

What is the cost to exhibit?
The price for a booth is $580 for Community Alliance Program participants and $960 for non-participants. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to donate $50 during registration toward prizes that will be given away in the exhibit hall on Thursday morning. Exhibitors who contribute $50 will be given tickets to hand out for the prize raffle. Premium booth space is an additional $50.

Where and when is the 2019 show located?
This year the conference is September 25-27 at the Grand River Conference Center, located on 500 Bell St in Dubuque. 

What is included in my booth?

8x10 booths include unlimited booth staff, 6 Wednesday drink tickets, Thursday morning breakfast in the exhibit hall, one skirted 6-foot table, two chairs, waste can and paper copy of the pre-event attendee list. Booth Staff namebadges will be printed at a self-service station at the event. Premium booth space is an additional $50. A $50 late fee will be assessed after August 9.

Does the League offer hotel room blocks?
Yes. After you are registered for the event you will receive an email with a link to the housing bureau, which opens June 10. We ask that you do not make reservations at the headquarters hotel to make room for city attendees.

I need to pay by check, what do I do?
After your completed registration form is submitted, a confirmation email with final booth number, housing information, invoice and payment instructions will be emailed later. Here you will find information on how to pay by check.

When is the exhibit hall open (exhibit hours)?
The exhibit hall is open Wednesday, Sept. 25 from 5:30-8 p.m. and on Thursday, Sept. 26 from 8-10:55 a.m. Our exhibit hall is open when attendees are available to come, so you are not sitting in an empty exhibit hall. Set up is on Wednesday, Sept. 25 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tear down begins at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 26. Tearing down early will cause your company to be banned from future exhibit halls.

Will I be refunded if I need to cancel my booth?
All cancellations must be received in writing by emailing exhibit@iowaleague.org. Cancellations are subject to a $50 administration fee. No refunds will be given within two weeks of the show date. No refunds will be made to no-shows.

Wanting to bring a vehicle, what do I do?
Our attendees always love vehicles in the exhibit hall! If you plan to bring a vehicle please let exhibit@iowaleague.org know as soon as possible. The League is required to notify the facility 45 days before our event if a vehicle will be brought into the building, so you must let us know by August 9.

Generally, a vehicle will require purchasing multiple booths (ours are 8x10). We can help you find a spot that will work in the exhibit hall. Move-in for vehicles generally happens on Tuesday before other exhibitors are trying to move in. Depending on the exhibit hall set-up and vehicle placement move-out times may happen later in the day on Thursday. The facility does have guidelines for vehicles, those will be sent to you when we have you registered to bring in a vehicle.

I want to provide food/drink from my booth, what do I do?
Please contact Taryn Kafer, Convention Service Manager, 563-690-1344 or tkafer@grandrivercenter.com. In general the facility prohibits outside food/drink.

Is the exhibit hall carpeted?
The exhibit hall is carpted except for the booths on the north wall. Additional amenities for your booth can be ordered through the facility.

Where do I order electricity for my booth?
The facility will be handling electric orders. Order now

I need to ship items to my booth, how do I do that?
See the shipping and handling information.

What color is the drape in the exhibit hall?

What sponsorship options do you offer?
We offer several different sponsorships at different levels. For a full list of options please see our Sponsorship Options.

What is a bag stuffer? Where do I send my bag stuffer?
A bag stuffer is an item that will be included in the conference bag which is handed out to each attendee and registered guest. Sponsors must provide 500 of the item by September 6. No food is allowed. Some items may only be included on a first-come basis. Because the gift is going through the League, you can get your name out without worrying about Iowa's Gift Law. You can purchase this sponsorship option when you register.

Ship bag stuffers by September 6 to
Iowa League of Cities
Attn: Katie Wheeler
500 SW 7th St
Suite 101
Des Moines, IA 50309

What is the exhibit hall theme?
This year the theme is “luau.” Exhibitors can participate by decorating and dressing up to go along with the theme on Wednesday evening. Some attendees will also dress up for the theme. View pictures from last year’s conference and western theme.

What is the best decorated booth contest?
Each year we have a theme in the exhibit hall, this year is luau. Attendees vote on the best decorated booth using the event app, and the winner will receive a free booth at the 2020 Conference in Coralville, September 16-18.

What is the exhibit hall raffle?
The exhibit hall raffle is intended to help generate traffic during the event. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to donate $50 toward prizes during registration that will be given away in the exhibit hall on Thursday morning beginning at 10 a.m. Participating exhibitors will be given tickets to hand out to attendees on Wednesday evening and will be noted in the conference program guide and event app. On-site donations will not be accepted.

Can we get a copy of the conference attendees?
Pre and post event mailing lists in excel are available to Community Alliance Program participants, which can be purchased with your registration. Exhibitors will find a printed list with addresses in your Exhibit Packet, which is in your booth when you arrive to the event. Email addresses are not provided.

We want to do a drawing at our booth, is that okay?
You will need to collect names on your own Wednesday evening. Drawings will be done Thursday morning at 8 a.m. Participating companies must come to the raffle booth with their collected names and League staff will drawl the name, announce the name once and then post the winner in the event app. To avoid Iowa Ethic and Gift Law violations League staff needs to do the drawing for you.

We want to hand out items from our booth. Are there any restrictions?
The Iowa’s Ethic and Gift Law prohibits gifts costing $3 or more – this excludes the exhibit hall game prize donation to the League, but it does include the in-booth freebies. If you plan to bring your own baked food or beverages to handout please contact Taryn Kafer, Convention Service Manager, 563-690-1344 or tkafer@grandrivercenter.com. In general the facility prohibits outside food/drink.

How do I become an Associate or Community Alliance Program?
Associates are part of our Community Alliance Program, which offers discounts and other benefits throughout the year. Learn more.

How do I become a speaker or offer a topic for the event?
At this time our workshops and speakers are set. A committee sets the workshops in late winter each year. If you have a topic idea feel free to email mbrsvcs@iowaleague.org as they may have a cancellation.

What workshops will be available at the show? Can I attend?
We offer more than 40 different workshops during the three-day event. Feel free to attend any of the workshops, we just ask that if a room is getting full you offer your chair to an attendee.

We would like to attend the general sessions, how do we do that?
You can purchase a ticket for any of our general session events during your online registration process. If you have already registered you can email exhibit@iowaleague.org and we can add that to your registration. You can also purchase a ticket on-site at the registration table. 

Is food provided on Wednesday evening? Where do you suggest we eat?
Appetizers will be available in the exhibit hall. To find a full list of restaurants in the area visit http://www.traveldubuque.com.

Is breakfast provided on Thursday morning?
A light breakfast with lots of coffee is provided.

Where do I get my namebadge at the show?
You will print booth staff namebadges at a self-service station near the Exhibit Information Desk in the loading dock area.

Where do I park/unload?
Parking around the Grand River Center and the Port of Dubuque is free. The loading dock is on the north side of the building, with parking available in that area as well.