2014 Webinar Series

The League is excited to announce a new webinar series that will offer quality information and training that is also accessible to a wide audience. It is our aim to provide city officials the tools and guidance they need to do their jobs well and we hope these webinars will help in that effort.

The topics listed below will be covered in nine separate webinars:

  • Guide to Hiring Teens and Seasonal Employees
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    As we inch closer to summer, many cities hire teens and seasonal employees. Before doing so, an understanding of federal and state child labor laws is necessary to ensure the process is done properly. This webinar will detail those laws and provide guidance for cities.
  • Council Meeting Decorum and Procedures
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    City council meetings are where the important decisions of local elected leaders are made. In order for these meetings to run smoothly, it is often helpful to have a set of procedures and meeting rules approved. Hear ideas and best practices for how to improve your city council meetings.
  • City Regulation of ATVs and Golf Carts 
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    The popularity of operating ATVs and golf carts on city streets has risen in recent years as citizens want the ability to use different modes of transportation. This has led to a number of safety and traffic issues for cities that have been involved with this issue. Join us for a review of the state laws regarding ATV and golf cart operation on city streets and strategies for developing strong local ordinances to regulate these vehicles.
  • Understanding the Role of the City Council 
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    An important step to becoming an effective elected official is understanding one’s role within city government. City council members often serve their community in a wide variety of ways, sometimes in official capacities and sometimes in less formal settings. Learn how to identify the roles and responsibilities of council members and how to get everyone on the same page.
  • Effective Negotiations
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    City officials engage in negotiations on a daily basis, whether in a traditional sense through contracting for services or in different ways, such as working with a neighborhood association. This webinar will cover the various negotiations a city may be involved in and help attendees find their best negotiating style.
  • Managing Municipal Finances
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    City officials have the important responsibility of handling the citizen’s tax dollars and using them efficiently for public services. This webinar will focus on the city’s finances and how they are best managed including taking proper steps to protect against fraudulent activity.
  • Iowa’s Gift Law and Holiday Preparations 
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    With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to make sure your city is prepared. City officials must adhere to Iowa’s Gift Law, which sets strict limitations on what can be given or received. Attendees will also hear helpful ideas for city holiday events and displays so that they are in compliance with applicable laws.

Each webinar will cost $35 and be archived for later viewing. Register for one or more webinars now!